JSON (de)serialization

A simple way to convert Models to JSON objects & back. Conceptually similar to ORM. Based on the built-in org.json parser.


Model classes must extend Model or it’s subclass (e.g. Entity) and have fields annotated with @JSON.

@JSON Annotation

  • key - JSON key name.
  • optional - if true, won’t throw an exception if the key is missing and won’t put a key with a null value.

Use JSON.SUB separator in name element to access nested object fields.


  "sub_obj": {
    "str": "val"

@JSON(key = "sub_obj" + JSON.SUB + "str")
public String str;


Has the following methods:

  • JSONObject serialize(ModelType item)
  • ModelType deserialize(JSONObject obj)
  • JSONArray serializeAll(Collection<ModelType> items)
  • ArrayList<ModelType> deserializeAll(JSONArray arr)


Override readFromJSON(...) and/or putToJSON(...) methods or create a custom Converter.