Annotations Performance

Processing annotations on Android is known to be slow.

In DroidParts each annotation has a wrapper class. The first time injection is performed on an object, annotations for it’s class are read, wrapped and cached.

I’ve ran a micro benchmark on an Activity with 10 TextViews in it’s layout.xml. Note that logging has to be silenced, otherwise you’ll be benchmarking LogCat.

Benchmark, 10 000 iterations HTC Desire 2.3.7 Galaxy Nexus 4.3
findViewById() 1069ms 524ms
Injector.inject() 1538ms 690ms
Injector.inject(), caching off 107447ms 43705ms

The performance drop with annotations wrapped & cached is negligible.

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Crash after Layout Changes

Sometimes Eclipse doesn’t update ids after Views get rearranged in a layout xml file. This results in a strange startup crash.

To fix it, run Project => Clean.